By setting learning goals for your employees, you encourage innovative ideas and increase employee motivation and engagement. Bring learning to the fore in your organization and allow your employees to the take up the reins of their own upskilling experience.

TutorWizme Online Learning Platform
TutorWizme Online Learning Platform

TutorWizme can help your employees find, connect and learn from professional online experts that are ready to help them learn what they need to advance their job skills requirements or their career goals. All they need to do is sign up!

Less Traveling More Collaborating! Access Business Experts Online

We have business experts that can deliver certified and non certified courses in the various topics  using our collaborative online platform:

Audit, Risk, Governance & HR

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Risk for Social Media
  • Governance Board/Company Secretary
  • Corporate Ethics and Culture

Digital-Information Technology

  • Microsoft ( Azure, Sharepoint, Power BI, Windows 365, Development, SQL Server,Office 365)
  • Oracle ( Databases, Java, MySQL)
  • Cisco
  • Red Hat Linux

Our online courses are led by dynamic subject matter experts who lead group learning by incorporate cases studies, best practice and discussions with participants to help them with learning solutions via our online platform.

We also offer a variety of fast paced live learning sessions that focus on various topics and subjects via our collaborative platform.

Our Cutting Edge Collaborative Platform Allows participants to

  • Share content via the collaborative online whiteboard
  • Video Chat
  • Record their sessions from wherever they maybe
  • Sessions can be 1 hour or 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours per day depending on your business requirements.
TutorWizme Video Conferencing
TutorWizme Online Learning

Online Coaching For Your Employees

Organizations that have a strong coaching culture, generally have highly engaged employees and greater revenue growth. Having a supporting coaching culture is even of more significance during the extraordinary challenges organizations and employees are currently facing. We can connect you or your employees to certified coaches that can provide a sounding board for your senior managers and employees during these unprecedented times.

One-to one coaching or team coaching is an effective way to help business leaders and key individuals and/or teams in your organization deliver change, support new behavior, shape vision, improve communication and increase employee engagement and retention.

TutorWizme Online Learning
TutorWizme Online Study

Need help with your online training or coaching needs, send us a message and we will search for an expert that matches your specific organizational requirements.