FAQ For Learners

What are the benefits of learning online with TutorWizme?

Online learning, tutoring, coaching or mentoring can help students or adults unleash their learning potential, as it provides personalized, dynamic help and support to address individual learning needs. 

One-on-One tutoring for school students gives them the opportunity to work at their own pace, matching their specific learning style. Often students that are struggling will be reluctant to ask questions in cases, for fear of being judged by their peers.

By having an expert to assist them online, they can ask all the questions they have confidentially and immediately without fear of being judged.

Whether they have learning gaps or are lacking  of motivation we will work on them and boost their self esteem along the way.
For adults looking for an expert to help them learn a new language, further their studies or provide support to advance their job search or career goals, TutorWizme can connect you to professionally qualified or certified experts.