TutorWizme© is an end to end collaborative online platform that is designed to help you find, connect and learn from the experts you need to succeed in your quest for lifelong learning.

Remote working and digitization are all changing the skills people need to work, with employers looking for resilient, agile self learners that have digital skills as well as critical thinking skills, collaborative abilities, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills.

TutorWizme offers you the choice of one-to-one tutoring or coaching and also the opportunity for collaboration in group classes or learning circles. Why not try reverse mentoring and connect with someone younger and learn a new skill?

All our experts are carefully screened, whether they be teachers, experienced tutors, certified coaches, mentors or degree qualified industry professional trainers, all you need to is sign up  with TutorWizme to invest in your future.

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We understand that everyone learns differently and our experts offer a variety of learning solutions. Whether you thrive learning in  groups or prefer more personalized one-to-one learning experience, our experts provide each student with individualized feedback geared towards helping them develop and grow as learners.

All our professional experts are selected ensuring they possess both the subject matter expertise and emotional intelligence required to be an effective instructor.          

We have experts that will work with your child to tackle challenging homework, supplement home school curricula, prepare for IELTS tests, or help them develop entrepreneurship skills.

For those of you looking for an executive coach, or support with interview preparation, we have experts that help professionals like you level up and master new skills to advance your career goals.

For employees we also offer a variety of fast paced live learning sessions that focus on various topics and subjects to keep you ahead of your game from our business experts.

Supported by a highly collaborative learning platform which simulates the intimacy of a real life classroom, online learning has never been easier, offering your access too international experts not matter where you are!

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